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Mafia Captive Kitty Thomas : EPUB

Kitty Thomas

Faith Jacobson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After witnessing a mob hit, she's only moments from death when Angelo Raspallo decides to give his brother an unlikely gift. Leo has avoided involvement with the family business, but it doesn't make him a saint. He's troubled and ashamed by his darker sexual desires, one of which is to own a slave. But when his brother throws Faith at his feet, repainting the scenario to make Leo the hero rescuing her from certain death, his moral fortitude will be tested. If Faith were kinky, it would be easy to live out his fantasy, but she's not. Not even a little bit. Even the mildest spanking sparks terror in her that Leo can't bear. The gift soon becomes a burden as he fights with himself over how to handle the addition to his home. He could release her, but his brother doesn't do loose ends. The only thing keeping her out of the bottom of the harbor is Leo's mercy. She's like a beautiful piece of art he keeps in a glass case but can never touch. Is possessing her enough?


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